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Q. How easy is it to use the Gogglewash machine?
A. We are confident you will find the Gogglewash machine easy to use. To show you, watch our video below.

Q. How many glasses can the Gogglewash machine wash in 1 hour?
A. The Gogglewash machine is capable of washing up to 640 glasses in 1 hour. This is not a maximum theoretical number but what is reasonable to expect

Q. What 3D glasses can be washed in the Gogglewash machine?
A. The Gogglewash machine has various special wash programmes depending on the type of 3D glasses being washed. We have set programmes for CAT 832 and CAT 834 Dolby 3D glasses as well as XpanD X101 3D Glasses

Q. Is the Gogglewash machine expensive to operate?
A. The Gogglewash machine uses minimal amounts of water and detergents. The Initial fill of the machine is only 3.5 Litres of water and then it uses 3.5 Litres per wash. The Detergent usage is only 15.22ml per cycle and Rinse Aid 1.58ml per cycle. Average energy consumption per cycle is only 4.14kWh

Q. Does the Gogglewash machine dry the glasses?
A. The drying process differs for the various types of glasses. Glass lensed glasses are typically dry and useable within 5 minutes of coming out of the machine. Plastic lensed glasses do take longer but in our experience are ready for use before the next screening. Due to the complex nature of the XpanD glasses and the manufacturer's recommended wash temperatures these also require some time to dry

Q. What power supply does the Gogglewash machine need?
A. The Gogglewash machine can be connected to either a 13 amp or 25 amp power supply

Q. What water supply does the Gogglewash machine need?
A. The machine requires either a cold water or hot water supply. The water pressure can be as low as 0.5bar so will operate almost anywhere. The hot water supply cannot exceed 60ÂșC

Q. How hygienic is the Gogglewash machine?
A. With the use of sanitising detergents and temperature the Gogglewash machine provides excellent hygiene. In addition it operates a fresh water wash, which means, unlike a commercial dishwasher, it is not re-using dirty water, so it provides optimum levels of hygiene. When the machine is turned off it completes an automatic wash down procedure which cleans the machine and leaves it clear of water. The benefit of this is that if there are long periods of time between 3D screenings there is no water trapped inside the wash system and fester which is typical of commercial dishwashers.

Q. Is the Gogglewash machine easy to use?
A. The Gogglewash machine has very simple soft touch electronic controls. There is a simple on/off procedure and then just a cycle start switch for the operator to select when they ware ready to start a cycle.

Q. How is the detergent and rinse agent dosed?
A. The Gogglewash machine has very accurate internal dosing systems, that ensure the correct levels every time. There is no operator involvement. When the levels in the containers are too low, the machine will signal the operator to change the bottle

Q. How does the operator know the cycle has finished?
A. There is a beep alarm to alert the operator the machine has finished its cycle.

Q. Is there a care procedure?
A. We advise the machine is kept clean at all times. A clean machine is a good machine and it is important for staff to look after company equipment. The care procedure is quite simple; ensure the wash and rinse jets are clear, the filters are clear and no other items except 3D glasses are washed in the machine.

Q. What is the (RMS) Remote Monitoring System?
A. The RMS allows Gogglewash to keep an eye on your Gogglewash machine. It monitors the usage of the machine, the lifespan of the working components and alerts us to any failing parts or faults. If a part fails and is under warranty we can despatch a part on a next day delivery for replacement. If it is a fault, we are able to advise via email and / or the telephone action that needs to be taken i.e. clean the jets, clear the filters, replace empty detergent bottle etc.

Q. Is the machine simple to install?
A. Yes, the machines are supplied with pre-set wash protocols depending on the type of 3D glasses being used, and then it is just a case of connecting to suitable water supply, suitable waste and electricity and then turning it on.

Q. What if we have hard water?
A. Gogglewash recommends a water softener or reverse osmosis unit is fitted in this instance.

Q. Is Gogglewash recommended?
A. Gogglewash is recommended by Dolby 3D and Panvision 3D

Q. Is there a minimum order?
A. There is no minimum order