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"Gogglewash has made it much easier to clean our glasses, previous to having the Gogglewash we were washing the glasses by hand with anti-bacterial spray which we were wiping the lenses only not the whole glasses, so in that sense we are reducing bacteria spreading as we constantly cleaning the whole glass. I dont know what more can i say, other than it has made things much easier especially at busier times, we only need to put it in the washer and it is done within minutes."

Reel Cinema - Crewe
"The invention of Gogglewash is a blessing in disguise, when you have more 3D films coming out each year it helps when you have Gogglewash in place to do a job that would take someone longer to do.Which means they can be getting on and doing other things and customer have very clean 3D glasses.It's very quick, easy to use, reliable, u get a perfect wash and never comes in late!"

Reel Cinema - Hull
"Our interaction with Gogglewash started off with acquiring the 3D glass cleaning machines as we had numerous challenges in keeping the 3D glasses clean for repeated usage. However, the machines supplied by Gogglewash changed all that. Not only, we found the process of cleaning very convenient and hygienic but also the down time [resulting out of manual cleaning] was eliminated considerably. End Result: Happy smiles from our patrons. We intend deepening our relationship with Gogglewash further, in times to come."

City Cinema - Muscat
"The Gogglewash machine is great, does exactly what we wanted it to do."

Century Cinema - Ireland
"The client who got the Gogglewash is really happy with it."

Cinema Equipment Integrator - Poland
"The Gogglewash machine and racking system is an excellent addition to our cinema and has made running two 3D screens with 3 or 4 screenings of a popular film each day possible."

The Ambassdor Cinema, Woking